Hi, I have a problem with my puter, after a few hours of idle it goes into suspend. Problem is that I have all power management off, in win98 and in bios. I have it networked so it is a pain if I want to access it I have to go downstairs and reboot because it won't wake with mouse or keyboard. It seems to go in sleep mode and not able to Wake I have to reboot to get it running. My setup is:

Cusl2-c/[email protected]@1.8v/g.orb/128pc133micron/40gig.wdata100/s.b.live/matroxG200(Iknow need a new onelol)/cas 3.2.2.

I don't understand why it is even goin to suspend mode I have no power management enabled at all I just manually shut monitor off and leave it run because of the network. If anyone has any ideas please post I appreciate your time thanks.

p.s. maybe I should run cpu at regular speed for awhile and see if it is the overclocking that is doing it. But I would like to leave at that speed,its stable and I can't see it being the prob. thx