Overclocking and PCI Bus Speed Question
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Thread: Overclocking and PCI Bus Speed Question

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    Overclocking and PCI Bus Speed Question

    Right now I'm running my PIII 1GHZ at 1132mhz on an ASUS CUSL2-C mainboard and it's solid as a rock. This particular motherboard has preset increments for the memory, FSB, and PCI bus speed. Example: To get to 1132 I'm running with a preset setting in the BIOS of 151/151/37 where the "37" is the speed of the PCI bus. The next available step up in the BIOS is 152/152/38. If I try to overclock anymore then obviously the PCI bus speed is going to go up even more. So far I haven't run into problems but I feel I might be pushing my luck going much more on the PCI.

    Question: Provided that I overclock more pushing the PCI bus even further too and provided that the system remains stable, am I running a risk of damaging anything on the PCI bus? I've been told that even if they system posts and runs stabily that I'd be running the risk of corrupting data on my hard drive. I've never heard that line before so I thought I'd quiz you guys and see what you had to say.

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    It's a very good indicator of having a pci-bus running too high..

    i think that you must have some damn good stuff to run it at 37+!

    BUT you can always try and if you encounter file-corruption or what so ever, go back to the good ol' 37 and be happy with what you've got!

    Fast, Faster, WooHoO!!!
    Fast, Faster, WooHoO!!!

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    Yep, ya never know until ya try. This old pos seagate I have had been running at 37.5 for several months, and recently was running 42 pci for a coupla months.

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    Well, I dont have REALLY good cards in my pci and i can get up to 41, never tryed further. But im sure my hdd doesnt like it. Anyway, get something to cool the hdd down if you want, im sure that would help.

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