115 volt fans???
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Thread: 115 volt fans???

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    115 volt fans???

    hey guys,
    this is actually for my friend. He says he has 115 volt fans for his case etc....but wont run when he hoooks them up. I suggest not enough power (300 wat psu) bu we arent sure. They are making contact, but wont move. Any suggestions??
    Ps. It is for sure on the 12volt circuit....the guy at the computer store told him they are supposed to run on the 12 volt curuict...which i dont understand if they are 115 volt fans??

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    Sorry but an AC fan is not going to function on a PS that is putting out DC current... At best the fan would barely pulse...at worst you could ruin the fan & start a small fire... Get a 12v fan....FROM A DIFFERENT STORE...

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    You should plug a 115V fan in to the wall outlet.

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