P3 - 750e, can it hit 1GHz reliably?
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Thread: P3 - 750e, can it hit 1GHz reliably?

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    P3 - 750e, can it hit 1GHz reliably?

    I've been debating on whether to get the P3-1000e or the P3 - 750e and run it at 133 to get the 1 GHz. I went to the overclockers.com database and it seems that 1/2 of the CPUs made it, but the pool is quite small.

    If it's as successful as the 600e@800 given that the 750e will have a cC0 stepping then I might give it a try, but otherwise I will just have to go for the 1000e (and pay with my blood).

    So what's your take on this? I also want to Dual CPU it so a good Dual mobo @ 133 FSB recommendation would be nice.


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    i have had much more success getting 700e to 1000 than 750e or 800e. the 700's @ 1000 are much faster than the stander 1000@133 too... if you are willing to pay for pretested , www.pcnut.com has 700e pretested to 1gig for about 200 bux i think.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess it's not worth it to try a 750e. I think the pre-tested route is the best for me or I can wait.

    I have the Supermicro DBE dual 100 FSB motherboard that I'm probably going to dump some 1000e's into when those things get to $150 or so.

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    I had a 750e, and it hit 1008 I believe was the #, but it took alot of cooling... it was a cbo.....

    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!
    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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    Ive got a PIII 700 and I cant get it to overclock more than 50mhzs more, and then its not stable. I havent messed with the voltage much and that could be the problem.

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    I just dropped in a P3700E, had a "B" of a time getting the heatsink on using Artic Silver Compound. So far running stable at 828MHZ with air cooling. Chip is cBo. Also added another 128MB Micron Memory. Total between the both $200.00 bucks!!!!

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    I had no prob getting my 750 to 1GHz...
    Water&pelt cooled of course...

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    I guess the general thinking is that it takes a ton of cooling to hit 1 Gig with a 750e. The 700e is probably my best bet since getting to 933 seems like a snap with 1 Gig a nice bonus if you can make it.

    Thanks for the replies guys.


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    Another options is to get one of those pre-tested 700e from Bonker at the FS/FT page. He has a done of great references and seems to be doing a lot of business. He sometimes has 700e's near the 1g point for around $165.

    He's cheaper than those retail stores that sells pretested CPU's.

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