ALPHA PEP 66, worth it for an athlon?
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Thread: ALPHA PEP 66, worth it for an athlon?

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    ALPHA PEP 66, worth it for an athlon?

    is it?

    the Thunderbird 1ghz on an abit kt-7?

    I would have to modify the heatsink sligtly to have the fan on the top.. does it cool better than the PAL 6035?

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    The regular PEP66 has a 60x25mm fan and does not fit on most Socket A boards without modifications. They make a version for Socket a that uses a low profile fan (I think a 60x10mm fan) that puts out a lot less air flow and hurt the performance a lot. With the dsame fan though the pep66 will cool slightly better.

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    Yes, if you modify PEP66 & allow a (Delta 25x60mm) fan to be mounted on top; instead of using a slimline Delta 10x60mm fan (~22cfm), it will outform both PAL6035 & GlobalWIN FOP38 on a TBird.

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    Here is a mod that will make a regular Alpha PEP work on a socket a board.

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