K6-2 500 temps?
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Thread: K6-2 500 temps?

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    K6-2 500 temps?

    I've seen a lot of different specs about average running temps/acceptable temps on this cpu when NOT overclocked.
    Anyone have any opinions on average/max temps acceptable? My k6-2 system runs at about 37-39degC under an average workload and no specialist cooling, but my BIOS alarm setting seem really high (seems to me) at 90degC alarm and shutdown.
    Whaddaya think?

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    set that bios shutdown alarm to 65 celcius...

    and thoes are decent temps for full load...

    you should shoot for about 30 idle and 40 full.. (alpha PEP 66 acheives thoes temps)

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    xSiLeNtDx is correct!

    Actually, AMD had 3 different max. temps for the K6/x series of processors:


    Depending on the chip number/code. The code would tell you which one was the maximum temp for your particular chip. But, almost all of the K6/x series will tolerate 65c so as xSiLeNtDx said, set it to 65c and you will be fine!

    PS - Your temps are really good, don't worry about it!

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    Thanks for advice, appreciated.

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