florida people i need your help
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Thread: florida people i need your help

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    May 2000
    leics uk

    florida people i need your help

    a friend of mine is going for a holiday in miami.... as we are from uk its an opportunity to get some reasonably priced gear..... the question is where from? So if you live in or near miami or have some dealings with shops in that vicinity please post either web addy's for them or street addresses.... really looking for cpu's so if you can help please do.

    p3 800@1000 alpha6035
    bx133 raid
    256meg crucial
    geforce 2 gts 64meg
    adaptec aha-2940uw
    ibm 4.5&9.1 7200 scsi
    ibm 15.2&30.7 7200 ide
    soundblaster live 1024
    and other stuff
    1.33 axia @ 1640 mc462/delta
    giga-byte 7dxr(soon)
    512 crucial 2100
    geforce 3
    2x quantam 40 as
    ibm 30.7 7200
    and other stuff

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    www.lynncomp.com is in the area they are very good but prices are sometimes high..

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