Best software cooler for 1GHz Thunderbird
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Thread: Best software cooler for 1GHz Thunderbird

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    Best software cooler for 1GHz Thunderbird

    I am sitting at 46C right now at idle. Would someone please suggest, and possibly supply, a software cooling program. I have used CPUIdle 5.6 and it seems to freeze when playing games, and I don't want to have to disable it just to run a game. Also, I have an MSI K7T Pro 2-A motherboard, is this a good one? I spent 119 on it, and 208 on the CPU today at the computer show. Also, I seem to be freezing up in programs that use 3D Hardware and high CPU load. I have an Alpha7HO on the CPU, and an 3D Prophett II for a video card. I know this is kind of an unorganized post, but please just respond with anything that may relate. Thanks!

    Check this page out. This is a new one I just started at 4:20 on June 16th.
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    I use rain 2.0 works good for me

    Check out

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    RAIN worked OK for my K6-2, but I have seen no improvement on my Duron. Same for CPU-Idle. Intel CPU really benifit from it though.

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    I thought the halt software commands had limited affect on Athlons!?!?

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    If you have the option, make sure you enable ACPI on your system, as it has internal command sets (HLT) for CPU cooling built into it
    I found that RAIN 2.0 on my system actually increased temperatures... I am using some thermal paste with a wm/k rating of 2.0 (details how well it transfers heat) cost about 6.00 at am also using a keeps my temps at around 21-24c idle and 34-39 under full load... You might try a fop32 (little quieter) will leave you with a little higher temp, but it will also be a little quieter

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