i was reading a post on oc'ing a Tb 1.2 with the new abit kt7a and i have a few questons.

First off i guess i need the basics, like what is the multiplyer clock? and how does the multiplyerclock*the FSB speed affect the speed of the CPU?

second, how does the speed of the memory bus work with the FSB? does the speed of the memory affect the FSB or CPU at all? is having pc150 (kingmax) gona give you a faster system than pc133(mushkin rev2) memeory?

third, the post i was reading said you could buy a TB 1.2 that came "factory unlocked", is this a special chip? or do all TB 1.2's come factory unlocked?

i read another post that said this:
"As of right now I don't see spending $350 for a 1.2Ghz 266, $400 for 256MB of DDR 2100, and $200 for the board.($950 total) When you could get a 1.3Ghz guaranteed overclocked for about $250 and a KT133a for about $160 and run that chip at 133fsb. (Total $410 assuming you already have ram, $530 if you don't)"

does anyone know what chip would be guarenteed oc'd to 1.3? (1g, 1.1g. or 1.2g tb?) and also does anyone know of reputable sites one could find these deals?

Im new a OC'ing, so i apolagize for the probobly trivial questions.

thanx for any help you can give me.