Is this healthy??
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Thread: Is this healthy??

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    Is this healthy??


    I have a T-bird 800mhz on a asus a7v. 128mb 133 ram, geforce2 and a sb128pci...
    After buying myself a fop-38...I tried overclocking it...Now I have it running at 959mhz(100x9.5) at 1.85V. Temps around 40C.
    I was wondering if the volts are too high...?
    should I oc it maybe to 909mhz to play safe??


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    at those temps it should be ok and if it is 100% stable keep it there also try a bit of fsb o/n'in

    go to
    allways happy to help

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    Sonuds a little high, but everybodies temps seem to vary quiet a bit with the same cooler. I get 33-35'C with a FOP32-1 (with the themal pad) on a Duron 600@950Mhz and 1.7v. I just added 2 92mm PanaFlo "Low Noise" case fans. 43CFM for 27db. I love them. They dropped my temps another 2-3'C below what my case was with an older 80mm and 92mm (one up front and one in a blow hole.

    It is still at a very safe temp. Anything below abot 45'C is pretty good. I perfer below 40'C myself and if you are not overclocking too much, 50'C will survive, but is pretty warm. I had stability problems at about 55'C.

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