After finally getting my FOP-38 I am running rock-stable at a lovely 1.201... I am kinda new at posting & was wondering how you guys import your scores? has anyone else got a 1 GHz t-bird at 1.2 with normal cooling? I would like to see your are my sandra scores...I have tried getting it over 1.2, but I get the lovely windows protection voltage stands at 1.800 & I am a little weary of increasing it further...
I idle at around 28c & come to 39c at full load...any suggestions or comments

CPU Benchmark-

MM Benchmark-

Abit KT7-R 1 GHz (Tbird) @ 1.201 100x12.0
384 MB SD-133
2 30 GB ATA-100 (RAID 0)
60 GB ATA-100 @ 66 (IDE)
Voodoo 4 4500 AGP
TV/FM Card
Poineer 12x DVD
8x4x32x CD-RW
TB-Santa Cruz Dolby 5.1

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