How far have people got there t-bird 900's??
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Thread: How far have people got there t-bird 900's??

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    How far have people got there t-bird 900's??

    I am wondering this because i am having a bit of trouble overclocking mine. it is running now at 950 default does post at speeds of 1 ghz but has trouble getting stable once into the windows shell.hehe also i only just figured out that the cpu/pci select changes the fsb aswell cos i thought it only displayed the fsb to show what speed to set it at .. anyway i would really appriciate some help on how to o/c this puppy.
    bit of info:
    T-bird 900 - A0900AMT3B
    Cooled by an alpha PAL 6035
    Sitting on a kt7-raid

    p.s. what kind of fsb can i got upto on this?

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    ive got a 900 running at 1111 right now at 1.85v, cant get much higher that right now. make sure you unlocked your chip by connecting the l1 bridges. and if you have an abit board just change your mult and fsb and vcore if nessesary.

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