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Thread: How many of you are using copper spacers???

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    Have any of you seen or used this Copper Spacer before?

    Here's something else that threw me. They recommend to use thermal compound on both sides of the spacer.

    S p e c i f i c a t i o n

    Professionally CNC stamped and rolled, for use with Duron or Thunderbird

    --Designed to provide stability and better heat transfer with AMD s462/A
    when used with any after market heat sink and water-cooling applications.
    --Made from a coil of high-grade copper alloy and stamped twice for uniformity.
    The shim will provide a perfect platform to ensure your CPU core will not get broken or cracked by any application you might decide on.
    --Be sure to use thermal grease on both sides of the shim

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    IMHO that's certainly overkill, the thermal paste you apply on both sides of that shim will probably only serve to stop it from shifting/sliding in transit.

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