So how much hotter is internal core temp ?
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Thread: So how much hotter is internal core temp ?

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    So how much hotter is internal core temp ?

    I've got a tbird on KT7. Overclocked to 900Mhz and 1.85v (1.93v in MBM4.18). I bent the little temp probe so it is placing pressure on the back of the cpu package, and put a little thermol greaese on it.

    The max temperature I can get it to is 53c, Using Sachs Marine Aquarium and seti.

    After removing the cpu, I could see that the thermol grease mark left on the back of the cpu was off centre. This got me wondering what my real internal cpu temp is. I think I remember reading about the cpu having a 0.5 thermol resistance somewhere at

    Would anyone care to guess (or if you know of a formular to use) what my internal cpu temp will be.
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    Good question? and I get highest temps with the aquarium also

    have a look at this thread, socket chip temps under discussion.


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