Can PIII 800 / BX133-RAID do it?!
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Thread: Can PIII 800 / BX133-RAID do it?!

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    Can PIII 800 / BX133-RAID do it?!

    Below is my sys config and I was hoping to get some opinions as to whether 800E can reach 1.2G and if it's worth it for me to upgrade the CPU.

    PIII 700E(SL45Y) @ 1043(7*149)
    Abit BX133-RAID (1/4 PCI, 2/3 AGP)w/ VI
    2X Kingmax PC150(CAS 3) 128MB
    Aopen GF2 MX 32MB
    IBM 75GXP 45GB ATA100
    SB Live! Value
    GlobalWin FOP 38

    TIA ^_______^

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    I strongly doubt it. As far as current yields go, a PIII tops out at about 1.1GHz even with extreme cooling (read water cooled peltiers). But hey it doesn't hurt to try.

    I'ld say stick with your current system and make your next upgrade a P4 or a T-Bird/Mustang that's pushing 1.6GHz or better. (Always try to double your clock speed before an upgrade)

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