using a celeron and pc-100 memory
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Thread: using a celeron and pc-100 memory

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    using a celeron and pc-100 memory

    i am building a system, heres the specs:
    asus p3b-f m/b
    128 mb pc-100 mem
    celeron 700 fcpga
    abit slotket III
    aureal sq1500
    diamond s220 video

    ok, i have it up and running but the celeron has the frontside bus running at 66mhz. the memory i am using is pc100. i have tried setting the slotket for 100 mhz and no dice. is there any way to get the memory to run at 100mhz instead of 66mhz?

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    unless you have an intel i815 or via 133 chipset, you are not going to get that memory to run at 100mhz without overclocking you cpu by raising the front side bus, which will raise the mem bus too at the same time, in a 1:1 ratio

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    Go into the system BIOS and see if there is a setting for some thing like Host + PCI or a memory ratio of 1:1 and 4:3 or something liek that. If not you can do two things. In BIOS you can set all the memory timings to max (Cas2, turbo...).

    You can up the bus speed. Your system will not do 100Mhz without some MIGHTY cooling. That would overclock your Celeron to 1050Mhz (thet don't do so well past about 850Mhz). Try upping the bus speed 75Mhz for 780Mhz (this will also increase the memory speed to 75Mhz). At the 83Mhz level your hard drive and graphics cards will likely give you trouble.

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