Whew! Finally got my FOP32 installed
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Thread: Whew! Finally got my FOP32 installed

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    Whew! Finally got my FOP32 installed

    I thought never was going to get that thing put on. I was about ready to throw the stupid thing against the wall!

    But in the process I found a cool way of installing it that works really well.

    I unclipped the fan. Then I clipped the non-hinge end of the HS clip to the socket. Then I got a T-handle screwdriver and layed it in the groove in the HS over the clip. This provided me with excellent leverage to push the other end of the clip down and latch it in place. Then just clip the fan back on and you're ready to go!

    Might not work in a smaller case. I did have to unscrew my PSU and move it out of the top of the case so I could fit the T-handle in. No big deal though.

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    I used an alan key to force the clip down with the fan on but other than that I had no problems!

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