Zerus Twin Turbo???
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Thread: Zerus Twin Turbo???

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    Zerus Twin Turbo???

    Anyone use this type of fan in their system? MicroWarehouse claims that you'll see a drop of over 30c using this bay cooler, from its 80cfm airflow fan configuration.

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    The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is.............42

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    Those claims are a little extreme! I'm running the 3DFXCool version in my system, but I don't believe there is a 30 degree drop from using it. Don't get me wrong, it works very good especially for the money but don't expect a 30 degree drop. I guess it depends on your current case airflow as to how much it will help. I would buy another one. Here's an example of cost comparison to putting in your own blowholes (I've used blowholes and the TwinTurbo):

    TwinTurbo - $25

    Easy to install
    Very quiet for the amount of airflow
    Low cost
    Easily moved around for best cooling efficiency

    Takes up a 5.25" bay (I know, that's petty!!!)

    Two Blowholes as follows:
    (2) 80mm Sunon HO fans
    (2) Finger Guards
    Tools to mod case
    Total cost - $40 ($25 if you do not need to buy the tools, I paid $15 for a good holesaw)

    Best airflow
    Can run a fanbus to vary speed
    Depending on location, does not use bay space

    Noise, noise, noise
    Hard to install, better get it right the first time (No novices for this project)
    Cannot be moved after installation
    Depending on location, may use up 5.25" bay
    If you get a new case, this one is hard to swap!

    Well. that about sums it up! I prefer the TwinTurbo, but if I really have to do some heavy cooling, I mod my case for blowholes. The blowholes can move a lot more air, especially if you use 92mm or 120mm fans.

    Hope this helps!

    Oh yeah, I'm using both of the above in my Duron system. I'm using the TwinTurbo for exhaust, an 80mm for intake, and an 80mm blowhole in the side of the case above the CPU exhausting air as well. Internal case temp stays at 27c-29c under full load.....

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    Whoa that would take my case temps below freezing! LoL. I'll take 3, sir!

    I'm sure that was supposed to read 30F and it might be valid if there was NO fan in the case to start with.

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