Overclock a PII-300
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Thread: Overclock a PII-300

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    Overclock a PII-300

    Can anyone tell me what is the most I can get out from a PII-300 it is a slot one processor and ASUS P2B mobo. Do Golden Orb make slot heatsink????


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    Depends on the proc. You should be able to at least get 450MHz. With luck you can get 504MHz. With luck and extreme aggressive cooling maybe 558MHz.(doubtful)

    PII 300 @ 504.71
    Lg.Hs. w/Dual 6K fans
    EFA E6BX
    128 meg Kingmax pc150
    4.3 Seagate Ult.ATA
    Riva TnT2 M64 486 fan
    Awe 64
    56K Conexant PCI
    300 W PSU
    Cel. 566 @ 1054 max 38c
    MSI 6905 Master ver2
    Alpha PAL 6035 w/Delta Black Label
    BX6 rev.2

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