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    They're selling this 128MB PC133 memory here for about 90USD a piece, and another one for just about $100. Usually it's almost twice that price, but it's a special so I have to react fast. The memory is

    VM/Mira/Spectek 128MB SDRAM/DIMM PC-133 and is AMD-compatible for 518FIM/stick
    Spectek/Infinion original 128MB SDRAM/DIMM PC-133 probably also AMD-compatible for 618FIM/stick

    Anyone ever heard of these? Sure, it's probably not too good, but the price is good. The next option is

    Kingmax original sdram 128MB PC133 7.5ns, 168-pin SDRAM/DIMM for 579FIM/stick so 599FIM/stick with a 2-year guarantee

    and after that it gets really expensive (kingmax PC150 etc).

    What do you think? The Kingmax stuff is only a little more expensive than the cheaper choice, and actually cheaper than the other special.
    "No doubt the truth, as usual, would be somewhere between the extremes" -Arthur C Clarke

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    Ram prices have fallen through the floor check www.pricewatch.com

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    Pricewatch does little or no good to me. The prices I mentioned are the cheapest here.

    So what about those memory types? Which would you pick?
    "No doubt the truth, as usual, would be somewhere between the extremes" -Arthur C Clarke

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    Go with the Infinionm, sounds good to me. If the Kingmax ram is 7.5ns it won't go much past 133MHz

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