Kingmax 128mb or new Mushkin 128mb rev 3
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Thread: Kingmax 128mb or new Mushkin 128mb rev 3

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    Kingmax 128mb or new Mushkin 128mb rev 3

    I'am buildinga new computer for Christmas. It will have:
    PIII 800
    SB live value
    IBM 30 gb hd
    Leadtek geforce 2 gts

    I want to overclock the PII 800 to at least 1000, so want to know if getting the new mushkin ram would me reach my goal or would the kingmax be just fine?
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    I think that KingMax will be fine but if you want the best then Mushkin Rev3 is the way to go.

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    I havent had any experience with the Mushkin but I have 256M Kingmax PC150. It will do Cas 2 at least 145. Others have had theres over 155 Cas 2. Look around and see what people are getting out of the mushkin. See which one will go higher.

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    In your case, maximum FSB won't matter since your optimistic goal is 133Mhz and both of those are far more than capable of doing 2-2-2 at that speed.

    The Kingmax is a far better deal and for your intents, it will most certainly do everything the Mushkin will.


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