My Duron temps are way out of whack! Here are current system specs:

AMD Duron [email protected]
1.8v core for stability
ALPHA PAL6035 w/60mm YS Tech fan
300w PS with fan exhausting
TwinTurbo cooler mounted in top 5.25" bay (it uses 2 - 92mm fans for exhausting air)
1 - 80mm Sunon HO in the lower front of case for intake
1 - 80mm Sunon HO mounted in the side of the case right above the CPU/Heatsink. It blows fresh outside air in on top of the CPU/Heatsink/Northbridge area. Mainly on the heatsink.
My internal case temps never break 29c max.

Here's my problem. At idle, the CPU is at 30c as seen here:

That is fine, I can live with that temp. But when I'm running WinApps with about 50% CPU load, my temps reach 50c. That is way to hot for me and I think that is a huge swing for 50% load. Also, when 3D gaming or CD Burning, at 100% CPU load, my temps reach 60+c as seen here:

This temp is entirely to damn hot!!! I think that a 34 degree temp swing from idle is ridiculous. I don't believe my heatsink is doing it's job properly. I think my blowhole is doing most of the cooling here. I have tried several things:

ALPHA fan sucking
ALPHA fan blowing
Reseated the heatsink several times
Reapplied thermal grease (Radio Shack stuff)

Nothing seems to help except when I bend my ALPHA clip to apply more pressure. When I do this, the temps are much better for a day or so. Then it seems like the clip gets weak again. My theory is that since my ALPHA clip is old and been used for peltiers, ss7 chips, etc. that it is to weak and won't hold the proper pressure to keep good contact with the CPU core hence not cooling up to capacity.

Do you guys think this theory is right? I have a new GlobalWin FOP38 on order, but it's going to be a few days yet before it gets here. I'd like to get this figured out soon. Suggestions and ideas would be helpful and appreciated!

Thanks in advance to all!

Duron [email protected]
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