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Thread: Looking for New Case

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    Looking for New Case

    Where can I start looking for a new Case, 300-350w PS, ATX, Acess through front and sides, individually.
    Opinions gladly accepted!

    KT7-Raid W/800 T-Bird, 128MB RAM
    Diamond Viper V550 AGP
    Sound Blaster Live (on PCI 4)
    Adaptec AVA 2906 SCSI for scanner (on PCI 2
    US Robotics 56K Voice Int PnP (on ISA slot)
    Asus A7N8X W/ AMD Athlon XP 3000/400
    Crucial 512mb Ram
    Sapphire Ati/Radeon 9600SE 128mb
    Two 40gb WD HD's
    DVD R/W Liteon SOHW 1633S
    CD Rom Liteon LTN 526D 52X
    Enlight 420W power supply
    Win XP Pro

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    It depends on how much money you are willing to spend on the case.

    Addtronics www.addtronics.com make some pretty good cases.

    Visit http://pub24.ezboard.com/bultrabytecomputingforum

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    HWC FORCE3D ICQ AL= 57497564
    OCN ICQ AL= 67864797

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