I just tryed overclocking my first time (well I oced my p2 400 to 450 once ) and I got 999mhz stable and 6c coller than it was at 900. It's 50-54c right now with some POS coolmaster.
Who else with a T-bird 700-1.2g is overclocking and what are your results?
Post sandra and cpumark if ya want.
I now get...
CPUmark: 90.3
CPU Bench
CPU: 2448
FPU: 1394
MM Bench
Integer MMX: 3386
Floating Point: 4656
Memory Bench
ALU: 420
FPU: 468

All Kill Intel 1g and just behind AMD 1g
Should I get a water cooling system and go higher?

AMD Thunderbird 900mhz
Asus A7V KT133 chipset w/ 196MB SDRAM (had 256 but a 64 blew up)
SB Live! X-Gamer
POS Diamond Viper 550 (getting Radeon *I think*)
Maxtor 20.1GB 7200RPM HD