Ok here's the story i just put together my freinds computer and i told him where to get the stuff and everything and he got a chromeorb fan for his 1.1ghz tbird.
Ok now when he's on it its around 45-50 degrees C and i told him that thats way too much and that i didnt like it and that he should send it back and get a better fan becuz he was gettin heat related lockups even with the case open
so i suggested rather Alpha or Globalwin. Well the Alpha isnt in at ColdCPU and may not be in for a little while but the Globalwin FOP38 is in and i would like to know should i wait for the alpha which is only like $5 more or should i just go ahead and get the Globalwin instaed of waiting?

Ever seen scent of a woman
Ever seen scent of a woman while overclockin
How is it possible
I wish there was some way
I feel so invincible
I'm the sculpture made of clay
From Clayman by In Flames

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