WTF is up with Intel???
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Thread: WTF is up with Intel???

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    WTF is up with Intel???

    Okay, I've wondered abou tthis for a while now, but with the PIV release it's really beginning to bug me...

    Why is it, that the largest chip manufacturer in the world, with annual revenue in excess of $US25b, can't produce products that supercede its previous ones?? I can't think of any industry whatsoever where products go backwards following a new release; I mean, what would happen to GM if their new motors were less efficient, louder, & more polluting than their current ones??? That would just be ridiculous!!!
    I'd think Intel would be horribly ashamed, if nothing else.. especially considering the fact that AMD, whose reserves are, what, like 15% of what Intel earns, can not only keep on producing faster & better chips, but also sell them at about 2/3 the price of Intel's??

    What the **** is going on at Intel?????

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    Intel has always been like that, though. The first 486s were no faster or slower than the fastest 386s. And my first 386 had the same clock speed as our old 8086 did! The first pentiums were slower than the fasted 486s. And up the line... By all rights, the architecture should stay internal until it's fast enough for marketing, but with a megamarketing conglomerate backing them, they could sell regrigerators to eskimos

    But Intel is not alone in this! How many Athlon Classics are faster than Durons and T-Birds, for example? And aren't some K6-3s clocked faster than the slowest Athlons? The big push right now is for higher numbers. If someone can push a 2GHz RISC processor with 1mb L2 cache, they'd make a killing. And P4 is going to have bigger numbers that will impress the ignorant.

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    You know, I've seen some damn long descriptions of where people live, and I was just wondering how freakin' long of a location they actually allow you to write in here. Looks like it's quite a bit. Oh well, if the space is here I'll use it!!! :)

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