Overclocking AMD DURON
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Thread: Overclocking AMD DURON

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    Overclocking AMD DURON

    I was thinking about purchasing a Duron but first i want to know if every Duron chip is overclockable or are some locked??
    Are there any markings like Dates that tell you that it is overclockable??


    Whenever there's doubt, there's no doubt.
    Whenever there's doubt, there's no doubt.

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    Some people beleive the week it was made matters. I believe in luck of the draw...

    The duron is one of the most overclockable CPU's i've had.

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    ALL Duron's are locked , by definition ...
    You just need a pencil to unlock them by connecting the L1 bridges .
    Most Durons will go 900 MHz + with a good heatsink/fan . A good part of them makes the Gig without a prob .
    My 600 is at 1010 and running smooth and stable at 1.74V .
    There's some luck involved , but 900 MHz would be almost guaranteed

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