EEK virus strikes again!
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Thread: EEK virus strikes again!

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    EEK virus strikes again!

    I got hit again, had some floppies that were infected, but my up-to-date antivirus software didn't protect my hdd. Used the startup disk, and when I tried to get a dir on c:, I got Invalid Media Type, abort,retry,fail I didn't get that message the last time my pc crashed, anybody no why this time? Also, I only had to reformat c:, last time I also had to repartition, anybody no why this time was different?

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    I never heard of the EEK Virus !

    I dont have enough information , which makes it difficult to diagnose when you consider all the variables.

    "I cant drive...55 !!!"
    "I cant drive...55 !!!"

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