Greetings -

Trying to OC a P3800(133). I've got a Peltier cooler on it (I have OC'd other computers before), so I don't expect heat to be a problem. First attempt was to go to 933(133). When I got out of CMOS setup, the POST reported the CPU as 800/133. Speed Error Hold was disabled, so the computer went ahead and booted up like this.

Any setting above the rated 800/133 results in being reset back to 800/133. Again, no speed error hold problem here.

Motherboard is Abit VH6. I've tried using both the 933/133 preset, and the user specified settings (still 933/133); same results as before.

How can I get the CPU to accept and boot at any setting higher than the rated 800/133?

Thanks for any help.