Overclocking a Compaq 486/66...
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Thread: Overclocking a Compaq 486/66...

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    B4TMANN Guest

    Overclocking a Compaq 486/66...

    Have never overclocked a PC before! Don't want to do it to any of my good PC's. Besides, I understand that PII's are not so good for overclocking.

    So....I have this old 486
    What the heck...I don't need it. Should I overclock this bad boy? See how fast it will run.

    I know this sounds frickin krazy....but hey....what do I have to lose but time?

    Maybe I should just throw the "piece of feces" away...


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    MitchSchaft Guest
    Well, you might want to overclock your GOOD PCs 'cause they will hold up better. Unless the compaq has jumpers or bios options to increase the FSB, then you can't do it anyway.

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    yeah you need to find 2 blocks of jumpers. One is bus speed, the other is multiplier. If the board doesn't have them, then no OC'ing for you. If it does, try raising the bus speed. thats the best gain. You can up the multiplier too but odds are that it is a 66 MHz bus with a 1X multiplier. Try running the bus @75 if it can.

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    Impossible? Watch me.

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    Na, only cost u money for it to go fast with a overdrive, but the problems is to find a odrive that will function with the mobo :-C
    What is thr name of the COmpaq ?
    Presario ?

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