Excuse me if i donīt know
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Thread: Excuse me if i donīt know

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    Excuse me if i donīt know

    Recently i was setting up a 600 MHz Celeron processor and manipulating the values in the setup configuration. I set up a value of 100MHz for the processor base frequency and the appropiate multiplier in order to reach the 600 MHz but when i saved values and restart the PC the screen showed that my Celeron procesor had 900MHz of speed, i was really surprised. Someone tell me what is the meaning of this. I can run this processor at 900 MHz really or itīs just an error of the computer?

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    All Intel processors are Multiplier locked!

    Celerons aren't set up for 100MHz FSB. They're set up for 66MHz FSB. What you have is a Celeron 600 that means 9x66.66~. This is how you get 600. The celerons happen to be very easy to overclock, so it may run at 900, but if you're using the stock Heatsink and fan then you'll burn it up. If you buy a good quality heatsink and fan setup then you can probably run it at 900 just fine.

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    NewBlackDak is right, the Celerons are meant to tun at 66mhz bus rather than 100. You shouls have it set to 66mhz bus x 9 multipier. That would give you the 600mhz it was meant for. Now you could try running it at 900mhz using the bus speed of 100 but I doubt it will work. Even if it posts you will probably have system instability. If you do want to overclock it you need to invest in a really good heatsink/fan unit.

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