Currently I have a 566cel with the ratio at 8.5 and the bus speed at 103.5. (=880MHZ)
I was wondering what would be the differance if i switched it around to get a ratio of 6.5 and a bus speed of 133.(other than the slightly lower cpuMHZ)
Will this will make my motherbord and components (RAM, pci, agp) run at 133MHZ instead of 103.5MHZ, which, in theory, should make my computer faster than my current set-up. Correct?

566cel @ 880MHZ (1.8V)
ASUS adapter,EUPA IBB motherboard
128mb pc100 RAM
32mb Riva TNT/2 vc
TV Genie w/ Radio w/ Remote
AWE 32 SB, 56K modem, 10gig HD
Richoh 4X6X24 Burner, 50X cdrom