Cooler for a K6-III
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Thread: Cooler for a K6-III

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    Cooler for a K6-III

    What Heatsink Fan Combo should I use for cooling k6-III. My cheap one isn't covering the job too well.

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    If you have the room around the socket a Global Win fdp-32, Fep-32, Fop-32, or try an Orb. The problem with most socket 7 mobo's is that they are cramped for space and dont allow large heatsinks.

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    ALPHA's PAL6035 works very well also.

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    I love my GW FOP 32 on my K6-III 350 at 400.
    Running it at 2.3v
    19C idle 27C peak. Very good for the price.
    You can get it at
    You can later upgrade to FOP38 with BLACK LABEL Delta fan at 38cfm

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