overclocking a pent3
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Thread: overclocking a pent3

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    overclocking a pent3

    I am going to change my chip from a pent450 and I would like a penteum3 chip that works well over clocked around 933 or higher my cooling right now <not installed yet is for the chip the alpha p125c I have a pc blower,bay cooler,and an inner cooler& a vga cooler. I am not sure if I will use all this but its here if I can fit in all in or need it all.my mobo is a p2xbl and has the soft menu with it for easy voltage change. my memory is 128megs p150 what would be a great chip for overclocking? also the mobo uses dip switches for intel chips for the multipliers I was wondering if anyone tried to change the multiplier on the dip switches to change the multipier for intel? I am under the impression you cant change the multipliers only the fsb. any thoughts from anyone?

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    you are correct in that the multiplier is completely locked. All overclocking is done with the FSB, but that is not too bad since some people run their FSBs up to 170 and that's a 70% gain in clock speed AND in all other bus-related components, like ram(except where there is a divider, like PCI/AGP)

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    The perfect chip for that setup is a Pentium III 700.

    The S-Code you're have to look for in the Slot 1 is SL454. For FC-PGA look for the SL45Y.

    Run it at 133 MHz FSB and you should be perfectly fine at 933 MHz.
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    Toolbox is right.. but the S-codes can vary..

    That is a cB0 p3 700. So the only sure way to find out is to goto Intels site and look at there list, but some are not listed there (like mine). If you do get a good one then you can easily run it at 933, and maby even 980 if you get even a little more juck.

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    The reason why the S-codes vary is because Intel assigns different S-codes to retail and OEM CPU's. The cB0 OEM CPU's carry an S-code of SL3Xx and the the retail CPU's are SL4xx.

    They are the same chips through. I guess Intel gives them different S-codes for determining the warranty time...
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    thanks for some info the chip I was looking at is an intel 700 sl45y I believe the other one was the 800e sl458 I also had a ? on the alpha cooling fan I heard people were using the fans in reverse sucking the hot air off the chip instead of blowing on the chip to cool it down does this work better or is it about the same? has anyone tried this?

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