I am very pised with my two Athlon CPUs.

Well they work great, but I can`t overclock the way I would like to.


CPU 1 K7 Athlon Classic 500 with 650 core and 3,3nS L2, 0,25 micron

CPU 2 K75 Athlon Classic 550 with 650 core and 3,6nS L2 0,18 micron.

Mainboards MSI K7Pro (Irongate) and Epox EP-7KXA (VIA KX133).

Both CPUs work 100% stabile @ default power 1,6V @ 700MHZ and both can run @ 1/2 L2 100% stabile, I have tested that for many times, and I have 0 problems.

Both CPUs simply refuses to work @ enything higher then 700.

My question is why? becouse they work @700 @ default 1,6V.

I am able to overclock on my EPOX MB both CPUs up to 770 MHZ (110FSB) but thing is that my K75 (0.18CPU) needs extrimly high 1,75V to run @ only 770MHZ, is that maybe litle strange.

I have modified cooling for both CPUs, no HTP, cooler is directly on CPU with 3 fans on every cooler, and L2 is resolder on both CPUs to 1/3.
And I have good cooling for case

I am bit frustrated becous I read how people overclock 650MHZ CPUs up to 800 and even higher, and I can`t get not even 750 with 0.18 micron CPU (K75).

What am I doing wrong.

Coolers are big, I have lots of fans, and even 0.18 micron CPU but no go, not higher then 700MHZ.

@ 700 both CPUs run @ usual temp of 30C or 28C for 0.18 micron CPU.

The worst system is not the one that has slowest QIII frame rate, but one that not works corectly.