Okay, I had my PIII 700E on a VIA133A for a few months, max temp according to the VIA HW monitor was 33C under Prime95 torture test, & more stable than a cow's arse during a particularly strong bout of constipation.
Sandra though reckoned it was 42C idle, up to 51 under load. Of course I disregarded this as Sandra isn't exactly known for being exact.

Now however I've got a new i815E, with the latest BIOS, and the temp according to MBM5 is 78, 48, or -48, depending on which sensor I select for it (I'm inclined to
go with the 48 ); the mobo's HWMonitor reckons 36 after cold boot, 40-44 idling in Windows, & up to 50 under full load. Sandra says exactly the same as before.

The only change I've made is a new motherboard. In fact that's not entirely true - the temps I mentioned for the VIA were for the 100@124, and for the i815 it's at its default speed of 100.

So who's lying to me?? and if no-one. why all of a sudden a huge jump on the new board??

133A: Gigabyte 6VX7-4X
i815E: MSI 815E Pro

Using retail HSF; Gorb soon.

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