Abit BX6 R2.0 Bios question
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Thread: Abit BX6 R2.0 Bios question

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    Abit BX6 R2.0 Bios question

    I've wondered for a long time, but never bothered to ask anyone before. In the Softmenu Bios for this board, on the CPU multiplier and FSB page, there's a setting for AGP/CPU clk that can be set to either 2/3 or 1/1.

    For a 100 MHz Bus, 2/3 seems right. I'm guessing the 1/1 setting is for 66 MHz FSB processors like Celerons and old PII's.

    Out of curiosity (or plain stupidity) I have (in the past) set the divider to 1/1 with a 100 MHz bus, and found that everything worked fine. Does the Bios just disregard this setting when the FSB is set above a certain level or what?

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    What kind of graphics card do you have ? Some (in particular Nvidia's GeForce and GeForce2's) are able to cope with very high AGP speeds.

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