Greetings all! Thought it were about time for me to introduce myself... and here I am. Have been reading this particular forum for a good few months now and have been holding out to make the first post until I actually had something half decent to say.
I'd like to start by saying I really think this is the best forum on the net, with the most helpful and (most of the time) constructive comments being made about all aspects of computer harddware. Also some interesting articles can be found, such as the mamoth thread that was (dare i say it) "I found a Wiliamette".
With your help, I have been able to get my lowly PIII450 to the giddy heights of 545 with an Abit BE6-II ver1.1 and some (it 'really' does work!) Arctic Silver + GORB (its what I can afford) !
Sadly I now find that I may be in the need of a little advice. Just when I thought all was running well (and here's the vague connection to the subject), without me ever changing anything, manage to obtain a nasty pre boot-up message of ROM Checksum Error! This only ever occurs on a soft boot, the only option being to turn power off at the mains and boot from cold... Have flashed BIOS (is there suppossed to be some blocks which the flash program fails to write to?) and cleared cmos... but to no avail. Just when you thought it was all working sweet...
Thanks in advance for any comments on or off the topic, and I hope this is the start of a beautiful new relationship!

Wonder what happens when I flick this dip swi.....

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