This week has been hell...
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Thread: This week has been hell...

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    This week has been hell...

    ...for me and my pute.

    • I've had a leakage.
      The tubing had a crack, or whatever, where the water drops followed the tubing and started to drip on the Geforce and on top of the PS. Well, i fixed that... (read a earlier post)
    • Yesterday i turned off the pute for the first time after 3days. Well, thats a good way to test your insulation.. mine wasn't enough... it shorted my cpu and/or slotket. I fixed it...
    • ...I thought! Today it shorted again!!! Well, all day i've been building a new insulation for the cpu and/or slotket. Hate it!!

    But i have to say that the things in the pute really can take a beating. The Geforce been shorted, the CPU and/or slotket has been shorted TWICE!! and it's still going strong... can't believe it!!

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    You lucky, lucky........

    Glad it turned out OK.


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