Iíve started collecting parts for my next system. Here is a run down of my preliminary layout:

Full Tower Case w/300w PS
Blowholes and other fans for the cooling!
ABIT KT7 Raid mobo
Duron 600 (Unlocked hopefully at 900!)
ALPHA PAL6035 Heatsink/Fan
256mb PC133 Micron CAS2
(1) Western Digital ATA66 10.2GB HDD (5400rpm)
(2) Maxtor ATA100 20GB HDD (7200rpm)
HP 9110I Burner 8x4x32
Memorex 48x CD-Rom
ATI All-in Wonder 32mb AGP
Zip 100
SB Live Value
56k Creative Modem Blaster

I will be using this for Photoshop, 3D Text rendering (GIF format), light gaming, and video editing.
Iím a little lost on the video card, I plan on feeding in video from Camcorder/VCR and doing some light editing. With that in mind, do you think the ATI All-in-Wonder will be a good choice?
I want to be able to do light gaming as well with good frame rates, but I donít need anything super fast. My main games are Motocross Madness 2 and Foresaken, but I want to be able to play Q3 and UT smoothly as well.
Let me know what you think! Do you see any problems/conflicts in this set up? Any suggestions will be appreciated!