Can't find settins in Award BIOS. Please help!
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Thread: Can't find settins in Award BIOS. Please help!

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    Can't find settins in Award BIOS. Please help!

    Hello, I am trying to update the driver for my GeForce2 before I O/C it. I am using the step by step update method found at
    I have an Asus with Award bios. Since a lot of people use this bios, I figured someone could help. This method I'm using asked me to find the AGP Aperture Size and set the size to 64 or 128. Can't find it anywhere. It also says the setting, Assign IRQ to VGA
    should be enabled as well. Can't find it.
    One more thing it told me to disable that I cannot find is Video Bios cacheable.

    I know that's a lot but if you can tell me where to find these settings I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    Abit IC7 (1.8 BIOS) - P4 2.6C, Swiftech MCX-4000 92mm Panaflo - 2 x 512mb XMS3500c PT - ATI 9800Pro - Audigy 2 - WIN-TV PVR - Sony Dru500a DVD-RW - Lite-On 48X Combo - 250 ZIP - 4 x WD 250GB SE - WD 120GB SE - Seagate 200GB - Enermax 465 - Klipsch 5.1 Ultra - 19" NEC 991SB - XP Pro

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    They're under Advanced Chipset Features and PnP/PCI Configurations.

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