I am the new hardware Gawd. 8042. You may look,but please, do not touch, children, it *will* remove any fingers that come in contact. By my count, there are 24 people on madonion's database with higher scores than me. This includes DigitalJesus, who is currently under investigation for reportedly running a 1Ghz P3 up to 1.2Ghz, and supposedly breaking the 10000 3dmark barrier. I personally doubt that his results are entirely kosher. Him, and that other guy who claims to be getting high 7K's on a GeForce2 MX. Yeah right. As soon as I can afford to, I'm slapping a cooling kit on my GeForce2 and trying for more than 210/370. I think my GF2 is severly keeping me below 9000.

Athlon 750 Dresden core at 1.1Ghz
256Mb PC133 CAS2
4 way 20Gb RAID on Promise Fasttrak66
KT7-RAID with raid disabled! :P

Go drool at my score, I shall humiliate you! (Yeah, I have no idea why the >16Mb texture tests dropped off like that.) Find me somebody who manufactures graphics card coolers so I can try to get sponsored and break 9000!!!

And the beat goes on...