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Thread: 3D Mark 2000 Benchmarking... What Are Your Results™

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    I don't have the results in front of me, so I am posting the significant digits:

    Using default D3D settings: 56xx
    Using "optimized" D3D settings: 68xx

    I turned off vsync and set mipmapping to "best performance" to get this huge jump in results, but I wouldn't actually play any games with those settings, which is one beef I have with this benchmark.

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    The topic thing is new...linking the page numbers on the topic list..good idea.

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    Just saw that as well... nice isn't it?
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    Originally posted by Toolbox:

    Will you stop beating me! Damnit! What can I possibly do now?

    I think I ran that test at 940Mhz, with my GTS @ 215/355... just crank your card up past that, and you should win!

    I think without an upgrade, or new drivers or some other change in system, that's as far as I'll be going... my ProphetII is pretty maxxed at 215/355... you should be able to push yours past that.

    ...oh, and the page links with the topic title is way cool.

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    31236 3d marks.
    992 CPU marks


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