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check it out, a mobo with DDR and SDR support!! only sok370 as yet, but who knows, Athy in the future maybe!

Chaintech Mainboard With Both: DDR & SDR [1:36 pm] Rat
Chaintech today announced the launch of its new 6VJD2 mainboard. The Socket 370 6VJD2 mainboard supports both DDR 266 and legacy SDRAM (PC100, PC133) memory modules. This board features two DDR 266 and two SDRAM compatible memory slots. The mainboard does not support the simultaneous use of DDR/SDRAM memory, however, the allowed maximum memory size makes 2GB, which is not that little, actually.
The 6VJD2 board is based on VIA Apollo Pro266 chipset and features an ACí97 audio codec on-board, 5 PCI slots, 1 ACR slot and ATA/100 support.
Further, the 6VJD2 also offers a full range of overclocking options, including 66/100/133 FSB settings and table-based over clocking (30 increments). The board goes together with Value Pack 2001 software bundle, which includes Norton Anti-Virus 2001, Adobe Photoshop LE, etc.
The 6VJD2 and 6VJD (DDR memory only) will be shown at COMDEX Fall 2000.

AHHH, I think my computer's got a Virus!

Oh no, that's Windows 98