Overclocking made simple....Not quite Yet..!!!
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Thread: Overclocking made simple....Not quite Yet..!!!

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    Overclocking made simple....Not quite Yet..!!!

    tbird 900
    chrome orb cooler
    tornado 1000 case
    196meg pc 100 ram
    abit kt7-raid
    SB live x-gamer
    riva TNT... junk card
    Tekram 390-f SCSI controller
    plexwriter 12/4/32
    ultraplex 40x reader

    I am in need of a little help and advice. I would like to overclock my new CPU , and after 2 weeks of reading up on this..I am unsure how to go about this , but after all the reading I now feel it is time to get my fingers a little dirty and would really appreciate any recommendations on applying settings for my Motherboard , my Bios , my CPU, voltage settings etc.. and last but not least my memory settings...
    Also after having read many articles on unlocking my chip with the pencil trick..I am coming to believe that my chip was already unlocked from the factory....I say this after noting that the bridges were not cut at all....and they all seem to be connected . Is this common....or just luck ??? My chip is the tbird 900 with the green core . The #'s on the chip are below...

    26822....bottom left corner.

    I realize that the main drawback for my system are my video card and possibly my memory....but for now I have to work with what I have. But I feel that with what I have to work with I should be able to generate better marks than what I have scored . These settings are with the majority of my system set up for default .

    with no tweaks... http://www.madonion.com/compare.shtml?699341
    with minor tweaking... http://www.madonion.com/compare.shtml?701052

    Really any comments or help that will speed this puppy up will really make my week .

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    Chesapeake, VA, USA
    Well, if you're into gaming, the TNT is your limiting factor. If you can afford it, replace the card with something faster- basically get as much as you can afford ($150-250 probably). If you're broke after shelling out that much then you can get tntclk and overclock that card! It was an excellent card when it was new, and after streamlining the process, should be very overclockable. I was able to get my TNT2 up 40% over spec; hopefully you can too

    unlocked tbirds aren't all that uncommon, but they're hard to find- only the earliest ones were unlocked. The easiest way to tell if the L1 bridges are broken or not is to try and see if the middle is any darker than the ends. (You should be able to tell from the other bridges what open and closed looks like) And you got a copper chip to boot! Basically, you got lucky! Your motherboard supports jumper-free settings. Try slowly bumping the muliplier up. When it hangs in windows, give it a little more voltage. Keep doing this until you hit the 1.85v cap, then back down the speed to the last stable speed. You can probably get 1050-1100MHz out of that chip

    For your RAM, is it in CAS2 or CAS3 mode? Try setting it CAS2; if it can handle it, that's faster. As above, try slowly increasing your front side bus (fsb) until your system becomes unstable. Depending the quality of RAM you have, you might get 101MHz or you might get 110MHz. With this mobo, you can run your ram 33MHz faster than fsb- if it's good enough (highly unlikely, but entirely possible) you can run your RAM at 133MHz even if your system can only take 100. The via chipset isn't as overclockable as the good ole bx, so fsb overclocking isn't very powerful yet.

    Good luck!

    Asus A7V
    Duron 650@850@1.80V
    Pentium IV 2.4C Northwood- M0 stepping @ 3.2GHz HT
    Air Cooled w/ SP-94 heatpipe & 92mm Vantex Tornado at 45C
    4x256=1gb dual-channel 2-3-3-6 OCZ PC800DRAM @ 890MHz 3-4-4-8
    MSI Neo2-PLS w/I865PE & SATA @ 4x267=1068MHz
    BFG GeForceFX 5900@485/967MHz = 6284 3DMark2003s; dual-head 21" CRT & 19" LCD

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    You could get a GeForce2 MX for about $110 now and that would be about 7-8 times faster than the old TNT. Basically turn on every feature in BIOS. Works wonders.
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    Grover, I think you are mistaken. You say that gimmikk has a copper chip. He said he has the green core. That signifies aluminum made in the Austin Fab. The blue core is for the high end chips and is made in the Dresden Fab.

    Just wanted to let you know...
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    how much easier are the copper chips to OC than the aluminum? I assume they are equal at same MHz, but Al puts out more heat, right?
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