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Thread: Duron question...

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    Duron question...

    Would removing the rubber feet off a Duron & planting an Alpha PAL35 w/ lil plastic feet crush my cpu?

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    Better to remove the plastic feet on the heatsink...

    The Duron's feet are designed by AMD to provide a certain support at a certain pressure (when the heatsink is pushing on them).

    My personal opinion is that there is less chance of damage if the AMD feet are used instead (my opinion)...

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    Big mistake to remove those rubber pads. They're basically there is stop the die being crushed or damaged are a result of the H/S rocking during installation. The white pads on the PAL35 are the wrong depth (look at them closely and compare them to the pads on the Duron - they're a different depth)

    Better to use some plyers to pull off the white feet on the PAL35 and use the flat base of the PAL to mount it directly on the Duron core. Make sure you don't rock it, otherwise, you're gonna have a dead Duron.....

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