cpu temp programs
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Thread: cpu temp programs

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    cpu temp programs

    Ok, First of all, im running a 1996 era pentium...so I'm a little slow in today's world. I'm getting a new computer here in a week or so, and I was wondering where you guys get these CPU temp programs. Do they come with cpus or mobos? I know, a newbie question, but i'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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    Some systems/mobos come with there own utility but this one is the best one out there and will work with most of the recent designs... Motherboard Monitor 4.18 oh, it's free too!
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    Hey Maxout!!

    Have you tried the beta mbm 5 (beta 2 - 2.5)?

    It has a cool new interface & runs great on my Athlon system.

    Get it here Motherboard monitor 5.25 beta - keeping the free tradition.


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