Overclocking VOODOO 3 3000
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Thread: Overclocking VOODOO 3 3000

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    Overclocking VOODOO 3 3000

    I am new to overclocking. I want to begin by trying to overclock by voodoo 3 3000 card.

    How would I go about doing this?

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    You need an overclocking program. You can find one at tweakfiles.com. If you want to overclock a little higher, you can get better cooling... but i wouldn't recommend more than adding a fan. Basically you are going to increase your mhz gradually and test it with games or 3dmark. You should do really well with that card, my v3 2000 went from 143 up to about 180.
    Yeah... bout' the only thing you wouldn't want to overclock, would be your clock...
    Unless you just want to be early all the time..

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    you don't need to download special software to overclock your voodoo 3. At least not with the new drivers, I'm not sure about older ones. I was poking around in the registry and I noticed that you can turn on the overclocking tab in the advanced settings properties for you voodoo in the display properties window. The key is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/3Dfx Interactive/3dfx tools/installed/tools/
    should be the fourth key down, change the data value to 1 of the CompleteRegistration Value. Just reboot and it should appear.

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