A few Tbird questions
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Thread: A few Tbird questions

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    A few Tbird questions

    Ok, I'm on to my second tbird now, I accidentally fried the first one (poor cooling), so I'm kinda edgy about heat now, I have a thermal take golden orb socket A fan, but when I popped in the new processor it started running at like 45 C, then slowly made it up to 56 C (this is just me watching it in the BIOS, no big operations).

    So what are the optimal and acceptable ranges of temperature for a socket A 800 Tbird?

    and a different question, what's the deal with burning in? what applications work the best and how long do you do it?

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    those temps are pretty normal for a tbird, and also, dont worry about buring in. its just some theory people have that a cpu will overclock better after buring in. (i'm not taking sides on this) for a normal cpu thats not going to be overclocked or ne thing, you have no worries about it.

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    With the case close the cpu is at 60-64C, and i have the same cpu squirrel have, im really not sure if its too hot, i have just use a coolermaster fan/heatsink.
    Im really new in building computer.. did i forget something?

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    I am runing Athlon classic CPU 0.25 micron [email protected] that needs much more energy then your [email protected]

    My CPU is @35C-42C maximum, now when is summer.

    My Duron 600 runs @ 35C with 100% CPU load @ 1,6V, both CPUs in closed slightly modified chasis.

    So I would say that for Tbird @800 up to 56C is hot and 60-64C is to much.

    What you need is Alpha socket A copper embeded cooler, and good air flow inside your chase, I don`t use Alpha coolers but avrage no name aluminum coolers, and I realy don`t know how you people make does CPUs to run so hot.

    Good chasis coling is important for all components. Hard disks, MB, graphic card, they all increase temp inside chasis and that is why your CPUs get so hot.

    Colling = stability.

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