not bad for a duron
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Thread: not bad for a duron

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    not bad for a duron

    got my duron 700 with abit kt7 rig running at 900mhz (7.5x120) at 1.58vcore!!!, my temps are about 43C idle and 45 under load. Im using a stock heat with artic silver paste. Waiting for my alpha pal6035 so I can keep it under 40 hopefully. I bet those new 750s can hit a gig much easier and 900 at 1.5v. anyone with a similar setup let me know what your stats are. tried for a gig and so far could only get it stable at 1ghz (10x100), didnt like any fsb speeds more than 100 at a ghz for some reason, I tried alot of combos with mult and bus keeping it around 1ghz, I didnt want to go more than 1.8v for now. I may just settle for 950mhz at 1.65 if im lucky, may be more like 1.7v

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    Two of my friends has Duronīs 700@1000!
    Rockstable with a Gorb@1,8V..
    Idle 48-49C and peaks @ 54C under full load!

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